Twitter Fun

So this guy/girl not sure who is Long Cat x 3 has gone to great lengths (pardon the pun) to do something a bit different on twitter.

Happy tweeting #BCM112 & #BCM110

Peace 🙂


Fluke’s Hottest 100 Mix 2011

Here it is officially on Soundcloud!!

Fluke’s Triple J Hottest 100 Mix 2011.

All the hottest songs for a great year of music on the J’s

All 100 songs in 3 hours of listening pleasure!!!

Tracks from Lana Del Rey, Foster The People, The Kills, Kanye West & Jay Z, Foo Fighters, Beruit, Gotye, The Black Keys & Matt Corby

This took a long time get together so show it some love! Share it with all your friends!



Hi Everyone,

This is the blog that I have created for BCM112. Hope you all like it. Still working out some of the features that WordPress has to offer. I had a tumblr account previous to this and things just seemed to integrate a lot easier and without the need for all the coding (which I am hopeless at). Anyway, more of this blogging stuff later.

Peace 🙂