Copy This! [BCM112]

In a discussion delivered by Larry Lessig “How creativity is being strangled by the law” he explains to us that the Internet has had a direct effect on the way that society now encourages creativity.
Creativity, in the sense that we have now have the power to share content in way we thought were unimaginable many years ago. This shift has continued to raise debate in the way that society now views and understands copyright.
Everyone knows that piracy and issues of copyright are nothing new. People have been recording, sharing and “pirating” copyright material for years. With a significant amount of content being uploaded to the internet every second, aggregators such as SoundCloud are forcing the “Big 4″ distributors to change their entire business models or be left behind in the digital age.
However, they (“The Big 4″) are not giving up without a fight. Acts such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act seek to prevent copyright material controlling the rights to content and how it is distributed. As a prime example of this control, I tried to upload a set to SoundCloud and was met with an email outlining that I had copyright material within the file and that I had the right to dispute the content if I saw fit.
Should I have tried to claim the right to upload the content under “fair use”?
In my opinion, I believe that I have done nothing wrong. As an advocate of the Creative Commons initiative, It should be the artist themselves who decide how their content can be used by others. Having such strict legislation of the internet is breeding this “us” versus “them” mentality in which there can only be one winner.

As Larry Lessig said.
“You can’t kill the instinct for creativity, you can only criminalise it.
You can’t stop it; it will only be driven underground.
You can’t make us be passive, we will just become pirates.”

By enforcing these backwards pieces of legislation, you strangle creativity and our inherent right to learn and participate in a society where possibilities are only restricted by our imagination.

Your thoughts? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Copy This! [BCM112]

  1. This is a good first effort at reflection Luke – you are involving the concept of fair use and Lessig’s talk in the context of your chosen technology. I like your example of uploading copyrighted content on soundcloud – this also underlines the point about artificial scarcity from the lecture.

  2. ‘Take this, mortals…liver eaters are getting closer…ouch!’

    ‘It hurts. T_T’

    We are in another age of education revolution since the mass education system was established in 1840s, somebody is concerning the lose of his privillege of public affair explaination, it’s their common response for ‘self defending’.

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