It’s Up to You! [BCM112]

Does everyone remember the story of Geoff Goldblum ‘death‘?

Started by reputable Today Show entertainment host, Richard Wilkins, the sad news of his ‘passing’ quickly spread like wildfire amongst the social networking world with tributes from across the globe, even sparking US entertainment show Entertainment Tonight to report on his death.
This incident clearly demonstrates the power of today’s media users.
A story started on mainstream media taken full circle through the power of engaged users.

”Nobody knows everything, everyone knows something” (1999) A statement by Pierre Levy giving us a key insight into the mind of todays prosumer. These days we are simply not satisfied with passively consuming content, and a result, we are seeing a level of creativity that could only be imagined years ago.
General everyday citizens are broadcasting their own opinions on an international scale, creating vast networks of like-minded people. As Clay Shirky reiterates to us in his talk (How social media can make history), “In a world where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap” gone are the days of the one to many media structure with amateurs continuing to ‘blur’ the line for professionals.
Media platforms such as SoundCloud are dominated by ‘amateurs’. The monologic days where you had to be signed to record labels to get your music heard are well an truly past. SoundCloud has no gatekeeper (for your own sounds, for more information on copyright).

You’re free to create and share content no matter how ambiguous the sound (shameless self promotion here) may be. Giving users the ability to comment and interact with other users at a negligent cost of both access and production, not to mention, the immediacy of getting ‘real time’ feedback on a specific track your working on is invaluable to today’s prosumer.
In an age where possibilities are limitless, it is now up to us ‘the people formally known as the audience’ to help shape the future.
We have been given a voice by social media platforms and now we must use it. The question is. As ‘amateurs’, do we really understand just how powerful and dynamic this social media revolution really is, and do we have the discipline to prevent its demise?

Levy, P 1997, Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace. Plenum Trade: New York

Blog edited on: Tues 27th March 2012, 11:40am


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