Seize the Media! [BCM112]

Ok, ok, I may have stolen this headline from Seize The Media, but I felt that this website summed up transmedia in one hit. Seize as many opportunities to spread multiple messages across a legion of mediums to a global audience. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Looking back at the history of media, more specifically how we consume media, it seems the days of the single message (multimedia) are long gone. Audiences in the modern era are being encouraged to be actively engaged within the content with the notion of endless possibilities.
According to Henry Jenkins ”The current configuration of the entertainment industry makes transmedia expansion an economic imperative”. Why? Because every piece of content that is created in a transmedia platform interlinks and connects with one another. If you visit the interactive website, you buy the video game, your positive feedback online encourages the producers to create a sequel and the cycle becomes endless. 
Participation becomes addictive and without the user even knowing it, they have shelled out hundreds of dollars on a range of different content.
The most interesting aspect of transmedia in my opinion, is its ability to create numerous entry points across the market.
I can admit it. I’m a huge Batman fan. Having the ability to jump into the fictional world of the Dark Knight just excites my collective intelligence.
However to others, a transmedia world seems daunting and frustrating. I can understand this and so do media companies. How do we find the right balance of content to keep the user engaged without avoiding confusion? This seems to be the billion dollar question.
To those companies who have already answered it (Pottermore, The Lost Experience), the results are phenomenal both economically and socially.

What’s your favourite transmedia project? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 🙂


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