A Hint of Sabotage? [BCM110]

How many of you have Pay TV?
Further more, how many of you have noticed that little plastic card that sticks out of the control unit?

A report in the Australian Financial Review “Pay TV piracy hits News” (28th March, 2012) claims that News Corporation faces fresh accusations of hacking after reports claimed that an affiliate of the media conglomerate had hacked into pay-television rivals to undermine their operations.

To give you a short rundown of how the system works, the card inside your control unit contains specific codes and information from your pay television service to allow you to view the content.

A report by the AFR claims that a subsidiary and secret unit of New Limited the NDS Group facilitated piracy by using hackers to sabotaged business rivals, fabricated legal actions and obtained telephone records illegally.
The allegations against NDS are nothing new for the company which has been under scrutiny since its creation in 1988 .
The 4 year investigation into the deception by News Corp and NDS by the AFR, highlights just how much of an financial impact the ill-practices have had on Australia’s pay per view services, with affected companies losing up to 50 million dollars a year.
However, in an article in The Australian “Pay-TV bosses rubbish News Corp ‘piracy” (April 3, 2012), the AFR is coming under increasing pressure to provide evidence of criminal activity, and to pass that evidence to the Australian Federal Police, which said it is not investigating any of the claims.
So who do you believe?
The ABC’s Media Watch program is not ‘’fully convinced’’ that one of the email examples highlighted by the AFR in its series on News Corp subsidiary NDS proves claims of widespread pay TV piracy.

Perhaps its best to leave the final words from the man (or at least his twitter manager) himself.


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