Leeerroyyyyy!!!! [BCM112]

I thought that this weeks post would be the easiest one for the semester. It turns out that trying to discuss ‘nerd’ culture is a bit harder than first thought.
So when does someone become a nerd? Is there a certain age where you go from a fun loving obsessed child to full-blown, ‘grade A’, World of Warcraft fantasy loving geek? I would like to consider myself somewhat of a ‘nerd’ but not in the sense that most of you (and myself) would stereotype me out to be. Apart from Star Wars, I loathe science fiction and the realms of fantasy. I have never read comics or set out on a quest for the hidden sword of I havebetterthingstodowithmytime (yes, I could have gone with something less attacking but it is my blog). The concept of avatars and a virtual world where I can be a muggle hunting liger has absolutely no appeal to me what so ever. Yet interestingly, I still know all these terms and a few more. Through use of the Internet, the label of ‘geek’ has been almost removed. Given a global audience, everyone can now participate in the cultures that were once somewhat ‘underground’ and are now seen as ‘cool’. As Ethan Gilsdorf states in his book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks there are many reasons why people try and connect their real life to one of fantasy. I guess I have never really been interested in having a second persona. I enjoy the reality that I have and see no need for escaping it. It seems to me that as technology evolves, the line between what is considered nerdy becomes less defined. Am I a nerd because I am interested in technology?
Quite simply I am just embracing the rapid rate of technological advancements. Whatever your ‘poison’ may be, everyone has the right to indulge in whatever they wish, that’s what makes my reality so important to me. 🙂


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