I Live In Anemone. No Wait… Anonymously! [BCM112]

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. That is the sentiment shared by most intelligent and decent members of society. However, there will also be a minority of people who choose to humiliate, discriminate and ostracize others based on their differences. The power of convergence and the growth of social networking have seen a dramatic shift in the way society values communication. Users are now faced with the ethical and moral debate surrounding social networking/civic journalism and the exponential rate of ‘trolls’ who post inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages across the Internet.
Should we have the right to post any content we want? To me that comes to your own moral code and ethical standards and it relates back to the age-old saying that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Just because we have the ability to capture and share our thoughts at the click of a button, should we actually do it? People need to take account of their own actions.
The media platform SoundCloud where I host all my online music content has a feature to leave comments and feedback. In my experience, it has been extremely useful. It allows content creators the avenue to receive critical and constructive feedback which in-turn creates a positive user experience. The most important and critical part of the comments feature of SoundCloud is that it doesn’t let you post anonymously. The user must take responsibility and be prepared for the consequences. Karalee Evans, a reporter for ABC’s The Drum “Men call me things: it’s not as romantic as it sounds” concurs with my argument. “We all need to take responsibility for our own behavior online. What would your wife, girlfriend, sister or mum think if they knew you anonymously posted comments telling a woman they’d be better off dead, or should get back into the kitchen? The example is extremist, however it makes a great point. If your mum would be angry. Don’t post it!

What are your thoughts? Should people be convicted for posting on the internet? 🙂


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