If I Could Turn Back Time [BCM112]

If there was one statement that sums up the new age of convergent media technology it would be this one by Clay Shirky. “In a landscape where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap.
After 10 weeks of lectures, countless readings of articles, journals and scouring the Internet for the latest information on current & emerging media platforms, I can finally say that I understand the power of convergence.
It is probably no surprise to any of you that my favourite three blogs explore the ideals of copyright, ‘nerdism’ and the art and progression of the remix culture. Having been an avid user of SoundCloud previous to this assignment, I knew the potential of the platform in trying to develop my understanding of convergence. The two main values that I tried to encompass and stress to the readers of my blog were the dramatic shift in the way that society now values communication and the power of infinite creativity.
“By enforcing these backwards pieces of legislation, you strangle creativity and our inherent right to learn and participate in a society where possibilities are only restricted by our imagination”. This was a statement that I wrote in Copy This [BCM112] and it still rings true to me all these weeks later.
We have been given an opportunity by convergence to make a difference. To reach a global audience and share content for the greater good. It is exciting, it is fascinating and it also remains a daunting experience for some. In a forever-changing media landscape it is now up to both industry and users alike to work together to help shape the direction of digital communication for the present and for future generations to come. I am excited to continue my research and involvement surrounding convergent media. I hope you all look forward to reading about it too. 🙂

Here are a couple of my favourite YouTube clips from the materials. What were favourites?

A Fair(y) use tale – creative introduction to the Fair use copyright clause

Everything is a Remix (Part 4)


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