So You Want to Own Everything? [BCM110]

Since the release of the governments Convergence Review in the later part of April, News networks have been a buzz with their own opinions on the report and what impact they think it will have on Australia’s media landscape.
An article by The Australian “Analysts say no merger frenzy is expected as a result of freer media ownership” (7th May 2012) by Michael Bodey & Simon Canning highlights the positive impact of the new legislation and the benefits of this revolutionary change. “It doesn’t matter like it would have five to 10 years ago, the media barons aren’t active like they once were.” This is the opinion of one of analysts interviewed for this article. I tend to agree with him. In a society where content is now considered global, social, ubiquitous and cheap, why is there a moral panic that greater media expansion will lead to a loss of our rights to free speech?
The article concludes on the topic of censorship with “Glen Boreham, the chair of the Convergence Review, strongly attacked suggestions that the CR proposal for a single-platform neutral news regulator would harm free speech”. The question I am beginning to ask is do we really care? In an interesting piece of civic journalism one citizen Bob Bobbings (an alias? Perhaps?) Claims “No-one reads them anyway. What’s worth preserving? (As an aside: this isn’t truly the fault of Murdoch or any other media owner. The real issue is Australia’s lazy, anti-thought, consumerist, ‘she’ll be right’ culture, one in which informed debate about anything other than shopping has no place. Blame the populace, not media proprietors)”. I whole-heartedly agree. We have lost an abundance of trust and therefore interest in media that we now just don’t see any importance in discussing the issue.

Do you care about the Convergence Review? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below. 🙂


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