Media ~ Space ~ Memories [BCM240]

Forgive me If my blogging skills have lapsed since the previous Communication’s subjects of BCM 112 and BCM 110. I feel that I should start a fresh. Hi my name is Luke and I am a Media and Communications (and newly a Commerce student as well). Some of you may have read my blogs from previous subjects, some of you have not.

For this weeks task we have been asked to share an image that we think best represents a connection between media and space. After some deliberation about the exact point of this exercise I found this image.


This image was taken during Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour. For those who were in attendance (such as myself) OMG! the memories! For those who missed out, granted probably most the BCM class wasn’t even old enough to attend you all missed one of the finest displays of entertainment that has since yet to be beaten (and probably never will).

I digress. This image to me represents the connection between media and space. How so you are asking? Well for those of you who know Daft Punk,  you are aware that they are essentially they are the most futuristic connection earth has too space. However, if you look closely at the image you will see a crowd of people with their technologies recording, sharing and creating a digital imprint of that specific moment in time. It is these images, videos and files that are shared amongst us that create media spaces. Which is pretty cool when you take a second to think about it.

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of such awesomeness I have included some links to my favourite 2 Daft Punk albums. Feel free to share your thoughts. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Media ~ Space ~ Memories [BCM240]

  1. I watch the Alive encore literally every day, it’s safe to say I’m quite jealous. A perfect and relevant example for media and space.I can’t think of a concert as well documented and celebrated by prosumers as this.

    • Thanks mate. It is probably the best encore I have ever heard. Yeah I thought so too. It is amazing how revered that concert series still is throughout the world.

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