I Like That Sound! [BCM112]

Having been a user of SoundCloud for over 4 years, I have seen how the media platform has expanded and grown. From its humble beginnings as a simple, yet efficient sound sharing program to its current status as the number one sound sharing experience Worldwide.
With the introduction of SoundCloud and the digital age, the way we distribute and share music has changed forever. Looking back at the way music has been produced over the last 15 years, we can see how the medium and message have changed dramatically. Mediums (old media platforms) have been forced to either mutate (the manipulation of vinyl for other musical practices), re-incarnate (the cassette to the mini-disc) or sadly, just simply die (the list is too long).

If we consider McLuhan’s theory, “The meaning is the message“, McLuhan explains that “the message is the change in scale or pace or pattern” that a new invention or innovation introduces into human affairs.

There is no doubt that SoundCloud has seen a dramatic shift in the way that we distribute music. As mentioned in a prior post, gone are the days of burning countless CD’s for you to listen to your favourite tracks. SC has bought with it not only the ability for you to just listen to your music, but create a community, a network that has shifted from your family and friends, to a worldwide audience. This “pattern” is a huge deal.

The consumer of old has now become the prosumer of the 21st century. As Mark Freedman explains “noticing change in our societal or cultural ground conditions indicates the presence of a new message”.

With every new message we are forced to determine the effects of the message. Using SoundCloud as my example. The ease in which music is now shared across the Internet is having a dramatic effect on physical music sales. It is also changing the way in which society as a whole looks at the production of music and the value that it places on talent and ability.

Is there too much music on the Internet?

I will save that for another post. 🙂


What’s that Sound? [BCM112]

So you have finished your track.

It’s a masterpiece (well at least you think it is, after all that’s what really matters). It’s prime and you want the whole world to know about, discover what you see in it and share it with who ever wants to listen to it.
So what’s your next step? Burn the track to CD? Nope! Too costly and inefficient. If only there was a way to distribute your pride and joy to a wider network of listeners, that share the same interest and passion for your music as you do.
As strange as it may seem in 2012, this was the dilemma that I personally faced just over four years ago. Having to burn constant copies of my mixes for my listening audience was highly inefficient and not to mention, burning a deep hole in my pocket!

Enter the revolution of SoundCloud.

Established by creators Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlforss in Berlin, Germany in 2007, SC had within a few months of operation, began to challenge the dominance of MySpace as a platform for musicians to distribute their music by allowing recording artists to interact more nimbly with their fans.
With now over 10 million registered users, SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

The crux of SoundCloud, is the genius way that the sound platform allows you to share your sounds across any social (Twitter) or blogging (Tumblr) network by giving each track a distinctive URL, Thus allowing the prosumer the ability to share their message and grow their brand to a wider audience.
Further innovation has now seen SoundCloud branch into the applications market allowing users of smart-phone/tablet technologies, the power to access and share their works on a mobile level.

SoundCloud not only allows users to share their own works but allows you to create a network of likeminded people and access and share any body of work, the same easy and efficient way as you can share your own.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is the way forward for the future of digital music. With a user base that is exponentially growing by the hour, SoundCloud is the answer to music distribution through social media and the like.

And the key to their success and survival in my opinion is this. SC has integrated itself so well across every popular media platform and continues to adapt to the evolving world of the prosumer. Something that its main rival in MySpace Music has failed to do.

For example.

How many of you have seen this logo on Facebook or any other social media network? (please answer in the comments, your feedback would be awesome).
Did you know what it was? How many of you have an active SoundCloud account and use it on a regular basis? I’m tipping that everyone has come across this logo at some point in their foray into social networking and if you haven’t, I urge you to have a look.

No matter the sound, you will always find something in the cloud. 🙂